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Do you have doubts about certification and testing agencies?

1At what stage should I apply for certification?

2How do products choose certification for different markets?

3Is there a hidden danger in the price difference?

4Is it unclear about the standards involved in the product, and can the testing agency provide professional services?

5Can test reports and certificates be recognized by customs, customers, and the market?

If you have concerns, please call the service hotline. 400-088-6765,0755-27830065

Our advantage

More than 10 years of testing services, a wide range of testing, and a wide range of services.

Our advantage
  • More than 10 years of service experience

    Professional third-party testing organization, more than 10 years of testing and certification experience, serving more than 4,500 companies and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Testing Laboratory

    The Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Taiwan, and the United States have testing sites and companies that can better serve Chinese and global customers.

  • Company accreditation

    The laboratory is audited and approved by various corresponding agencies, and the instruments are regularly calibrated. Shenzhen Science and Technology Commission is a warehousing enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise.

  • Wide range of testing

    Involving electronic appliances, wireless communications, medical equipment, automotive testing, to meet customer needs to the greatest extent possible。

  • Price is 30% cheaper than peers

    Have their own team and laboratory instruments without external testing, the price is cheaper than the peers, the time is flexible and the data is real.

  • Quality service

    The company system adopts engineering, business, and customer service commissioning systems, and the benefits drive enables customers to get more satisfactory services in every aspect.

About Us

About Us


Nowd Testing Services Co., Ltd. specializes in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), safety (SAFETY), radio frequency (RF), energy consumption (ERP/EUP, Energy Star) and environmental (ROHS) product certification for import and export commodities. Technical consultation is a professional third-party inspection agency. Since its inception, NORD Testing (NTS) has been designed to provide customers with standards-compliant testing equipment and professional technology to help customers quickly obtain certifications. The Nord Test (NTS) laboratory is established in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. The product range includes information technology, machinery, home appliances, lamps, power tools, radio and television audio, industrial, scientific, medical, automotive electronics, wireless products, lithium-ion batteries, etc., and acts as an agent for most countries in the world. Product certification and mechanical equipment, medical electronics, automotive electronics, electrical and electronic hazardous substances (RoHS) certification.

Our client

The customer is at the same time, the customer witnesses.

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